We are a law firm with a primary focus on preparing patent applications in scientifically and technically demanding fields. Our specialty is preparing patent applications that disclose interdisciplinary subject matter, including mathematics combined with computing technologies and computer science combined with physics, chemistry, and life sciences.

Our fundamental goal is to provide highest quality legal services at reasonable cost, and to engender enjoyable, interesting, client-driven, and long-term relationships.

We seek to charge reasonable fees, billing fairly only for tangible work product, including filed patent applications, filed office-action responses, filed appeal briefs, and opinion letters. We prefer to bill on a fixed-fee basis for projects in order to provide predictability, especially in complex scientific and technical projects that we love to undertake.


Interdisciplinary & Emerging Fields

machine-learning and artificial intelligence, data analytics, molecular electronics, marine seismology, computational biology, structural biology, nanophotonics, opto-electronic technologies, applied mathematics, quantum information, and quantum computing


compilers, databases, networking, operating systems, virtualization, distributed computer systems and applications, mathematical and scientific applications, optimization in high-dimensional domains, error-control coding, cryptography, information science, video encoding, and natural-language processing

Life Sciences

biochemistry and molecular biology, computational and structural biology, molecular arrays, nucleic-acid sequencers, fluorescence microscopy, and other scientific instrumentation

Computer Hardware & Electronics

communications hardware, computer-system architecture, controllers, disk arrays, fault-tolerant circuitry, integrated circuits, integrated-circuit manufacturing, optical interconnects, modulators, and detectors, processor architecture, and sensors

Materials Science

conducting polymers, linear and non-linear optical materials, metal-organic frameworks, metamaterials, phase-change materials, and semiconductors

Physics & Chemistry

optics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetics, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry, spectroscopy

Mechanical Devices

complex, computer controlled systems, medical devices, and prosthetics