The following links provides access to a list of our issued patents and some of our published patent applications. We do not list applications that we prosecuted, and did not write. In certain cases, no firm is listed, which is desired by certain of our present and former clients. In other cases, firms other than Olympic Patent Works are listed on the patents. This is generally a result of another firm having been responsible for some or all of the prosecution after we wrote and filed the application and then placing the other firm's name on the issued patent, a practice that, when intentional and routine, we do not regard as ethical. In our opinion, most of effort in obtaining an issued patent is expended in obtaining the technical and scientific disclosure and writing a corresponding patent application and that, if any firm is listed, it should be the firm that prepared and filed the application. On the other hand, when one considers the extremely narrow, poorly drafted claims that appear in certain of the applications prosecuted by other firms, perhaps it's a good thing that our firm name does not appear associated with the patents.