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Richard L. Bell, Ph.D.

Practice Profile

Preparation and prosecution of patent applications in a wide variety of technical and scientific fields:
  • interdisciplinary fields that combine mathematics with physics, chemistry, and/or materials science, including memristors, molecular electronics, quantum computing, metamaterials, nanotechnology, nanophotonic technology integrated with computer systems, nanophotonic technology for cluster computing and blade systems, opto-elecronic multiprocessor IC architectures, micro-opto-electromechanical systems, and sensors;

  • nanophotonic technologies, including interconnects, modulators, detectors, and linear and non-linear optical devices;

  • semiconductor-based technologies, including lasers, light-emitting diodes, photodiodes, transistors, and solar cells;

  • software and applied mathematics-based technologies, including quantum information, video and audio signal processing, microarray image processing, digital image processing, and video conferencing; and

  • computing devices and hardware, including scientific instruments, electronics, system architecture, three-dimensional display technology, scientific instruments, and medical devices.
Patent-strategy counseling
Technical and scientific design review

Legal Experience
September 2003 - currentOlympic Patent Works, Seattle, WA Patent Attorney and Founder
Summer 2001 & 2002TraskBritt, Salt Lake City, UT Summer Associate

Research Experience
Six years academic research investigating transition state complexes using quantum chemistry methodologies and developing molecular dynamics software to simulate gas-phase chemical reactions

Teaching Experience
Calculus & chemistry at the university level

2003J.D.Tulane University
1998PH.DUniversity of Utah, Chemistry with emphasis in Chemical Physics
1992B.S.University of Wyoming, Mathematics

Bar Membership
2003United States Patent & Trademark Office
2017U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal District

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