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Richard L. Bell, Ph.D.

Rich grew up in Wyoming. In the summer, he enjoyed playing baseball and earned money mowing lawns. In the winter, he earned money shoveling snow. His hobbies included camping and hiking in the mountains close to his hometown of Laramie, Wyoming. Rich attended the University of Wyoming where he pursued a degree in mathematics and was often distracted by subjects such as organic and analytical chemistry.

Rich took a year after graduation to teach math classes and study subjects like abstract algebra, real and complex mathematical analysis, and thermodynamics at the University of Wyoming. It was during this time he took a class in quantum chemistry and discovered the fascinating subject of molecular physics, which combined the exciting fields of mathematics, chemistry, and physics.

Quantum chemistry called to him. He packed his belongings and headed for the Department of Chemistry at the University of Utah to study theoretical chemistry. The chemistry department provided a rich atmosphere of scientific study and an opportunity to work with others who shared his enthusiasm for science. At the University of Utah, he collaborated with other researchers to design and write software to simulate chemical reactions. In his free time, he biked the canyons and trails of the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City and camped and hiked in the spectacular Utah state parks.

After completing graduate school, Rich accepted a position as a research associate in the Materials Science Department at the University of Utah in order to further investigate transition state complexes. It was also during this time he discovered patent law - an occupation that would enable him to work at the frontier of science and technology. He realized that in order to pursue this career path he would need a law degree. He decided to attend law school at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. While attending law school, he enjoyed the food and rich culture New Orleans has to offer.

Today, Rich lives in the Seattle area with his wife and two kids. Together they enjoy the splendor of the Pacific Northwest. Rich enjoys biking to work and hiking the foothills near his home.

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