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Robert W. Bergstrom, Ph.D

Practice Profile

Preparation and prosecution of patent applications in a wide variety of technical and scientific fields:
  • interdisciplinary fields that combine mathematics with physical, chemical, biological, and/or computer sciences, including bioinformatics, memristors, molecular electronics, quantum computing, nanotechnology, structural and computational biology, imaging, sub-diffraction-limit microscopy, materials science, and optimization;

  • computing, including operating systems, compilers, networking, database management systems, mathematical and scientific software applications, Internet-related computational tools and applications, error-correction coding, video encoding and decoding, and signal processing;

  • microscopy and optics;

  • computing devices and hardware, including processor architecture, system architecture, integrated-circuit design, electronics, mechanical devices, optical-electro-mechanical devices, scientific instruments, and medical devices; and

  • physics, chemistry, biochemistry, life sciences, and applied mathematics.
Patentability, infringement, and validity opinions
Patent-strategy counseling
Technical and scientific design review

Legal Experience
Aug 2002 - currentOlympic Patent Works, Seattle, WA Patent Attorney and Founder
June 1995 Aug 2002Various Seattle law firmsPatent Attorney

Engineering Experience
Thirteen years working experience as a software engineer, including: operating systems and DBMS development, networking, scientific instrument control, and applications development at Prime Computers, DEC, Pyramid, Procase, and Gupta

Research Experience
Five years academic research experience in small-molecule and protein structure determination by x-ray crystallography

Teaching Experience
Teaching at university and community-college level, including: biochemistry, computer science, and law

1995J.D.University of California at Berkeley
1983PH.DUniversity of Wisconsin, Biochemistry
1983M.S.University of Wisconsin, Computer Science
1977B.S.University of Washington, Molecular and Cellular Biology
1977B.A.University of Washington, Russian Language and Literature
(Honors Degree and Phi Beta Kappa)

Bar Membership
1995United States Patent & Trademark Office
2017U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal District
2017U.S. Supreme Court

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