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Robert W. Bergstrom, Ph.D

Despite the charisma, genteel urbanity, charm, eternal youthfulness, rugged athleticism, and intellectual prowess that should have, by now, guaranteed Bob endless flights in private jets, a long string of successful marriages to movie actresses, and unimaginable wealth, Bob currently toils away the few, pitiable remaining years of his life as a patent attorney. Once a scuba diver, rock climber, white-water kayaker, pilot, mountain climber, and skydiver, Bob is now a broken, near-sighted, bifocal-clad, and meek shadow of his former dynamic self, tirelessly working, often past midnight, hunched over his computer in a tiny, dark office, bathed in the bluish glow of the display screen, in order to support his beautiful, although somewhat demanding, wife and handler Aileen (a.k.a. "Pea," "Sweet Pea," and "Ling"), and, formerky his now adult children Trevor (a.k.a. "the Big T" and "Tiny T"), Kirana (a.k.a. "Key,"" the Kiranasaurous," and "Kiki"), and Benny (a.k.a. "Baby Wadoo," "Little B," "Wheedle"). (a.k.a. "Pea," "Sweet Pea," and "Ling"), and, formerly, his now adult children Trevor (a.k.a. "the Big T" and "Tiny T"), Kirana (a.k.a. "Key,"" the Kiranasaurous," and "Kiki"), and Benny (a.k.a. "Baby Wadoo," "Little B," "Wheedle").

A former resident of Spokane, where he marveled at "bat-wing" fighters taking off from Fairchild air-force base, Othello, where he reanimated frozen lizards and watched diesel trains pounding into town along the feet of the Saddle Mountains, Royal Camp, where he gained expertise in building and operating slingshots fashioned from coat hangers and rubber bands, and Olympia, from where he traveled to Seattle in 1966 to see the Beatles live, and where he first heard the music of Big Brother and the Holding Company, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Country Joe and the Fish on a small, vacuum-tube radio, Bob graduated from Olympia High School in 1971. Bob initially rejected the notion of higher education, purchased a used VW bug using the proceeds of three years of work in hospital kitchens, public libraries, and various lawns and yards, and drove off into the wide world. In a campground along the Oregon coast, Bob met a group of freewheeling, long-haired travelers. Fascinated with their tales of hitchhiking in distant lands, he sold the VW bug and embarked on a year-long series of adventures, hitchhiking about North America, Europe, and Egypt. Bob ended up, the following summer, living in a trash-filled basement along Mud Bay and working for the State of Washington. Considering his humble circumstances one summer afternoon, walking out from the dark basement past odiferous piles of crab and horse-clam shells, remnants of foraging expeditions along Mud Bay and Harstene Island, he decided to enroll at the University of Washington. Bob spent 5 years at UW, from 1972-1977, studying Russian language and literature, chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics, and biology, supporting himself by working in cedar shake mills on the Olympic Peninsula during the summers and with various work-study jobs on campus. He earned a BA in Russian and a BS in biology (molecular and cellular biology).

Graduating into a grim employment market, after a single, and remarkably unsuccessful, job interview with the CIA in 1977, Bob found himself back in the cedar shake mills during the remainder of 1977 and the spring of 1978, living in various locations, including a tent at the side of a mill dump, an unpowered and unplumbed trailer filled with nocturnal, acrobatic mice, and under the Highway 101 bridge at Amanda Park. Retaining all ten fingers and his limbs, he returned to university life in 1978 at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, concurrently earning an MS in computer science, a PhD in biochemistry, with research in x-ray crystallography, a private pilot's license, and a class D skydiving license. Bob fondly recalls often spending 24-36 hours non-stop programming on a PDP-11/70 in the basement of the computer science building in Madison, only to drag himself back to the biochemistry building to resume an endless, and generally fruitless, search for crystallized macromolecules that represent the starting point for x-ray diffraction studies that eventually lead to molecular structures. Finally completing his MS in May of 1983, Bob hurried to finish his PhD thesis in the late fall of 1983 as the weather grew colder and he grew increasingly less content to live in a small tent, surrounded by corn fields, at the side of a rural airstrip, and frequently sleeping in his skydiving club's Cessna 182 when the local authorities, occasionally wielding shotguns, were in the mood for late-night assaults on Bob's humble encampment.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 1983, Bob worked for many years in the computer and software industries as a software engineer in the areas of operating systems development, hierarchical, relational, and object-oriented database development, interpreters, networking, and applications development. Around October 16, 1989, while in Indonesia, Bob met his future wife Aileen, and after a long, romance-filled, 4-day courtship, and an extensive 10-day engagement, Bob and Aileen were married on October 31st without realizing that, while any other day in Indonesia, it was Halloween back home, in the USA. Tired of dead-end engineering jobs, and burdened with the financial realities attendant with a growing family, Bob decided to yet again enroll in a university. While working as a software engineer in Silicon Valley to support a growing family, Bob obtained a JD from the University of California at Berkeley in 1995. Since then, Bob has worked as a patent attorney, occasionally moonlighting as an engineer, preparing and prosecuting patent applications in the areas of computer software, hardware, and architecture, including compilers, operating systems, databases, virtual monitors, mathematical applications, and various other complex software and hardware technologies, bioinformatics and computational biology, quantum computing, information science, molecular-array technologies, biochemistry, chemistry, electronics, semiconductor fabrication, applied mathematics, nanotechnology, molecular electronics, fuel cells, complex, computer-controlled mechanical systems, microscopy, optics, and other such things. Bob frequently uses his Russian-language background to communicate and exchange scientific and technical information with his counterparts at a Russian client company in Moscow.

Unfortunately, Bob has had to courageously struggle, during his entire professional career, with severe addictions to chocolate, black licorice, sunflower seeds, and lattes. Although not yet having gained an upper hand over these tragic substance-abuse problems, Bob is ever hopeful that this evil will eventually depart and plague him no further. Perhaps the single point mutation responsible for the combined chocolate/licorice/sunflower-seed/latte addiction will soon be identified, leading to a dramatic cure.

Bob loves his job, enjoys working on challenging scientific and technical problems, is grateful for having had the fortune to work with so many wonderfully creative, intelligent, and good-natured inventors and in-house attorneys, continues to relentlessly study math and science, and even continues to program. Bob is indebted to Joanne Bourguignon and his many great clients, including in-house counsels and many prominent technologists, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. Bob recognizes that he, like most people, is the product of many years of careful instruction and training, and Bob has had the great fortune to have learned from a large number of mentors, teachers, and colleagues for whom he feels lifelong gratitude, including, in addition to his wife Aileen:

Mr. Walter Bergstrom
Mrs. Alice Bergstrom
Mrs. Laura Turner
Mrs. Hale
Dr. Ramesh Anishetty
Mark Meredith
Dr. P. V. Gribanovsky
Steve Harman
Dr. Gale Strasburg
Dr. Ken Satyshur
Mrs. Lucille West
Dr. Rebecca Aft
Duffy Williams
Jerry Melnick
Dave Schrader
Dr. William Drendel

Dr. Richard Bell
Mr. Hayes
Mr. Fletcher
Mr. Shipley
Mr. Dave Ensberg
Mrs. Carlye LaBell
Mrs. Nora Holdsworth
Tim Johns
Mr. Dave Ensberg
Ed Wood
Dr. Roger Hagglund
Marshall Wells
Dr. Sundaralingam
Dr. S.T. Rao
Dr. Larry Dahl
Lora Verkhovsy

Dr. Marion Greaser
Dr. Tuli Haromy
Vic Thompson
Barry Herring
Barabara Kroczak
Boris Burshteyn
Raman Chellia
Prof. Willy Fletcher
Professor Paul Rubin
Richard Richings
Steve Schurkey
Peter Dolliver
Dr. Richard Bell
Dr. Vladimir Brayman
Rafael Lisitsa
Elna Benoit

Bob's Favorite Things

reading Russian literature
backpacking and climbing
vacuum tube radios
the beast (Honda VTX-1800)

The Secret Beach
The Grand Canyon
Nusa Lombongen
North Cascades
Mt. Rainier
Moscow and St. Petersburg

Lev Tolstoy
James Thurber
Vasilii Grossman

J.S. Bach
Rolling Stones
Country Joe and the Fish
Tommy Dorsey
Los Lobos
George Gershwin
Big Bro & Holding Company
Kitty Kallen
Woody Herman
Indigo Swing
Dinah Shore
Helen Forrest
Louis Jordan
Louis Armstrong
The Byrds
Elvis Presley
Flying Burrito Brothers

Bea Wein
Maria Muldaur
Maurice Williams & Zodiacs
Dion and the Belmonts
The Marcels
Peggy Lee
Chad and Jeremy
Perry Como
Judy Garland
Bill Haley & the Comets
The Clovers
Jimmy Dorsey
Hot Club of Cowtown
Mahavishnu Orchestra

Clockwork Orange
Year of Living Dangerously
Bagdad Cafe
Man Facing Southeast
Swing Time
V for Vendetta
Where the Wild Things Are
Quiet Flows the Don
Ballad of a Soldier
Heart of a Dog (1988)

reading math and science
slide rules

The Olympic Mountains
Mackinac Island
The Lost Coast
Olympic Wilderness Beaches

Dr. Seuss
Mark Twain
Mikhail Bulgakov

Jefferson Airplane
Glenn Miller
Fred Astaire
Mike Bloomfield
J. Strauss
Johnny Mathis
Smokey Robinson
Cab Calloway
Doris Day
Helen Ward
Jimi Hendrix
Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels

Harry James
Guy Lombardo
The Platters
The Five Satins
Frankie Lymon
The Contours
Asleep at the Wheel
Arlo Guthrie
The Flamingos
Duke Ellington
Bunny Berigan
Count Basie
Bobby Darrin
Peter Paul and Mary
Hot Tuna

Shall We Dance (Japanese)
Blade Runner
Maltese Falcon
Top Hat
If I Had a Million
To Have and Have Not
The Gay Divorce
The Cranes Are Flying
Office Romance
1941 & 1942

trees and flowers
scuba diving
email correspondence
rotary-dial telephones
Lilly the Bernese mountain dog
Arroyo Seco in Los Padres
Taos/Santa Fe
11-Mile Canyon/South Platte
Maroon Bells/Buckskin Pass
Winthrop Area
New York City

Lao Tzu
Alan Watts

The Beatles
Grateful Dead
Benny Goodman
Frank Zappa
Gram Parsons
Ella Fitzgerald
Sarah Vaughn
The Doors
Bing Crosby
Billy Holiday
Louis Prima & Keely Smith
Andrews Sisters
Rick Nelson
Lovin' Spoonful
Simon and Garfunkel
Bob Dylan

Mamas and Papas
Bobby Lewis
The Spaniels
Dell Vikings
Jr. Walker & Allstars
The Edsels
Nat King Cole
Scott Joplin
Danny and the Juniors
Jimmy Durante
The Moonglows
Artie Shaw
Dean Martin
Rosemary Clooney
Ten Years After

A Room with a View
Shall We Dance(Fred & Ginger)
Animal House
It's a Gift
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Superman I
Bank Dick
Follow the Fleet
Master & Margarita (2005)
Seventeen Moments of Spring Dr. Zhivago (2009)

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